May 9, 2013

UEFA Officials for Europa League final designated

While the referee appointment for the history's fourth final in the form of the UEFA Europa League, which will be played off between Benfica SL and Chelsea FC in Amsterdam ArenA next Wednesday, will be only released on Monday morning, the UEFA officials for this clash have already been made ready.

Benfica SL and Chelsea FC will strive for the trophy (c) Bet2Win

Swedish UEFA Referee Committee member Bo Karlsson has thus been assigned as UEFA Referee Observer, whose job is to observe the referees, assess their performances and discuss relevant aspects in briefings with them. 

His matches in this season were:
EURO 2012: Greece 1:2 Czech Republic (Stéphane Lannoy, France)
EURO 2012: Denmark 1:2 Germany (Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain)
EL Play-Offs: Metalist Kharkiv 2:1 Dinamo Bucuresti (Hüseyin Göçek, Turkey)
CL Group Stage: Bayern München 2:1 Valencia CF (Fırat Aydınus, Turkey)
CL Group Stage: Olympiakos 3:1 Montpellier (Marijo Strahonja, Croatia)
CL Group Stage: Nordsjaelland 2:5 Shakhtar (Antony Gautier, France)
EL Round of 32: Olympiakos 0:1 Levante (Matej Jug, Slovenia)
EL Round of 16: Steaua 1:0 Chelsea FC (Sergei Karasev, Russia)
EL Quarterfinals: Newcastle 1:1 Benfica SL (Ivan Bebek, Croatia)
CL Semifinals: FC Barcelona 0:3 Bayern München (Damir Skomina, Slovenia)

Further match:
Super Cup 2011: FC Barcelona 2:0 FC Porto (Björn Kuipers, Netherlands)

As outlined in the thread concentrating on predictions, Felix Brych and Björn Kuipers can be seen as probable candidates to blow the whistle in this final. Karlsson's presence as observer "allows" both referees, at least on paper. At the same time, it is clear that Damir Skomina of Slovenia will not take charge of the final, as he was observed by him only one week ago.

The UEFA Delegate comes from Finland and is called Pertti Alaja.


  1. I read now that he already observed Kuipers in Super Cup 2011, for this reason almost impossible to see the Dutch referee. Again the same scene?

  2. Karlsson also observed Skomina in Chelsea-Benfica in 2012, Collina observed Velasco in 2011 Europa League final and only twelve months later in the EURO I really do not think that this is a hurdle for Kuipers.

  3. Swedish observer, Finnish delegate, Norwegian referee?

  4. Spanish national cup final appointment

  5. Björn Kuipers with a very good performance in the KNVB Beker final (AZ 2-1 PSV). PSV claimed a penalty when Mertens fell in the box in minute 71, but even the third replay only indicated that there potentially was a contact, impossible to see for Kuipers in full pace. In general, a good and confident approach, as we know him.

    1. Agree, nothing to add really.

  6. Question: does having a committee member from your country boost your chances of clilmbing the refereeing ladder?

    1. Officially: no. Practically: yes.

      Also, committee members having worked in your country can be a plus (Uilenberg in Turkey must have helped Çakir, Collina for up and coming Boiko from Ukraine etc.).

    2. Thanks for the clarification Thomas.

    3. I cannot add anything either. Of course football, specially on this high level, is always dominated by and full of political behaviour and decisions. It won't harm you if you have someone important in the committee. On the other hand, this surely does not mean they can do what they like. The national federations' importance and power also play a decisive role.


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