May 17, 2013

UEFA Officials for Champions League final designated

Home game for UEFA Referee Observer David Roland Elleray: the former top-class referee based in Dover, England, will observe and assess the match officials to be selected for this season's Champions League final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München, kicked off in Wembley Stadium on Saturday, 25 May, at 20:45 CET.

David R. Elleray to attend Wembley (c) Sheffield Hallam University

For Elleray, this will be the second final nomination within eleven months having observed Pedro Proença and his team in 2012 European Championship final between Spain and Italy in Kyiv.

His matches in this season were:
EURO 2012 (Group Stage): Germany 1:0 Portugal (Stéphane Lannoy, France) 
EURO 2012 (Group Stage): Spain 4:0 Ireland (Pedro Proença, Portugal)
EURO 2012 (Group Stage): Portugal 2:1 Netherlands (Nicola Rizzoli, Italy)
EURO 2012 (Final): Spain 4:0 Italy (Pedro Proença, Portugal)
EL Group Stage: Lazio Roma 1:0 NK Maribor (Szymon Marciniak, Poland)
CL Group Stage: AC Milan 0:1 Zenit St. Petersburg (Tony Chapron, France)
CL Round of 16: Paris S.G. 1:1 Valencia CF (Milorad Mažić, Serbia)

Elleray's appointment equally means that there will be no English refereeing team in Wembley final.

The UEFA Delegate for this match has been chosen as well - Joël Wolff, general secretary of Luxembourg's football federation, has been assigned to take this duty.


  1. Elleray's appointment fails to give us extra-clues on as to who will get the final appointment. Personally, i think it is a straight shoot-out between the favourite Rizzoli and the less obvious Eriksson.

  2. Cuneyt cakir is already fixed for CL final referee by Uefa.

  3. I know that many Turkish forms of media are reporting that, but we know how reliable they are..

  4. It would be a big surprise for me, to read the name of Cakir as CL final referee. I think that he is not the favorite, at moment.
    UEFA can't forget the astonishment he caused (and I repeat it again, INDEPENDENTLY by the fact that it was a correct or wrong decision).

  5. Later on, there will be a post on CL final predictions. I am going to comment on that there.

  6. No Clattenburg in the final? I go for Moen or Carballo. What's your prognosis?

  7. Nicola Rizzoli, definitely! I would like to be Cuneyt, but some forecasts and names that I see here ( Moen, Clattenburg ) are frivolous. Excuse me... That's my opinion, no offense, gentlemen.
    Best regards!

  8. Clattenburg isn't even possible for final with Elleray as observer.

  9. No offense taken. Just wanted to hear some different opinions. Thanks for your input.

  10. @ Darko and Branko.

    Stage your verbal battles somewhere else please.

    1. Sure, Nic. I tried to tell my opinion in a respectful manner. I mentioned Moen and Clatts at the moment are not the best solution, not because I have animosity towards anyone, but, because I think that Rizzoli and Cakir at present a better solution. In my opinion Dr. Brych showed the most stable and consistently good trial, but we have Bayern, who will long dominate Europe.
      Best regards from Belgrade!

  11. Friends and wanabe referee experts, the final referee for CL is C.Cakir.Fixed and finished.Why writing some people his opponions?Can not understand.UEFA's referee is for CL final in Wembley is C.Cakir.Fixed and finished!At Thursday next week will know every people about.Its rite so.C.Cakir was the best referee of 2012 in europe.He was allso final referee in Japan.His game between MNU and Real was allso ok,he got 8.2 a very good point for very difficult game he didnt mistake!So please comment about final game in wembley ,about next perfomance from Cakir.With opponions ist finished.You can inbox me at Thursday.Regards and sorry for my not good english.

    1. Anonymous20/5/13 11:40

      How can you be just a fanatic follower of cakir, a colorless referee without charisma...

  12. Melih, don't believe what newspapers write.
    On Cakir's facebook page, which is a fake account, it was said on 8 May that Cakir would have been appointed for CL final. On 8 May, UEFA committee did not even start thinking about it! We have the sure information that this facebook profile and this "news" were 100% wrong. Many Turkish newspapers immediately spread this piece of "news". The same counts for the mark of 8.2.
    So: nothing is sure, nothing is decided.

    1. Hey Niclas,i got the news directly from uefa-area.I Dont know about cakirs facebook account and dont saw something about in newspaper.I have friends in switzerland and they got(friends) officials by uefa.i believe it because they said me allso before something and its happened.

    2. Do you expect us to believe that UEFA would make such a leak? No way. Look what happened with Kuipers. So much speculation, many names floating but not even a hint about the final referee.

    3. Melih, in case of a different appointment, please don't disappear on next Thursday, and give us a clear explanation, ok?
      I just hope that, nevertheless it's almost impossible to believe to your words.

    4. Melih, thanks for clarifying and explanation. It sounds to be a very interesting piece of news, if it is true. Let's nonetheless wait until tomorrow or Monday, perhaps we know more than.

    5. Predictions are for fun. None here is trying to announce the referee of CL final before it is made to public. So Melih, I believe all guesses are welcomed but, being precise is not good. Thats not our aim here. Rumors are everywhere but will see of reality in next days.

  13. Some World Cup Qualifiers I found out at the Internet searching.


    04.06 Jamaica - Mexico: Aguilar (SLV)
    07.06 Costa Rica - Honduras: Lopez (GUA)
    07.06 Jamaica - USA: Moreno (PAN)
    07.06 Panama - Mexico: Quesada (CRC)
    11.06 Honduras - Jamaica: Rodriguez (MEX)
    11.06 Mexico - Costa Rica: Geiger (USA)
    11.06 USA - Panama: Garcia (MEX)
    18.06 USA - Honduras: Wijngaarde (SUR)
    18.06 Costa Rica - Panama: Campell (JAM)

    18.06 Uzbekistan - Qatar: Green (AUS)

    05.06 Kenya - Nigeria: Doue (CIV)
    08.06 Morocco - Tanzania: Bennett (RSA)
    08.06 Central African Republic - South Africa: Agbovu (GHA)
    09.06 Zimbabue - Egypt: Gassama (GAM)
    16.06 Eq. Guinea - Tunisia: Kamille (SEY)

  14. Bolivia-Venezuela: Loustau, Bonfá, Rossi, Ceballos (ARG)
    Argentina-Colombia: Escalante, Urrego, Lopez, Argote (VEN)
    Paraguay-Chile: Vuaden, de Carvalho, Eustaquio, Marques (BRA)
    Peru-Ecuador: Henrique, Vilarinho, Correa, Cortez (BRA)

    Colombia-Peru: Ricci, Rocha, van Gasse, Sampaio (BRA)
    Ecuador-Argentina: Cacéres, Aquino, Gaona, Quintana (PAR)
    Venezuela-Uruguay: Oliveira, Hausmann, Gil, Nascimiento (BRA)
    Chile-Bolivia: Ubriaco, Nievas, Taran, Fedorczuk (URU)

    Very surprising appointments..

  15. I plead not Cakir for the CL final. Not because I think he is a bad official, but because his style of refereeing is not suited for this particular occasion. These two German teams have been so impressive this season and I forecast one very, very good final.

    1. Anonymous20/5/13 11:44

      a strong referee deserves European final with personality, no quiet colorless cakir.

    2. All referees have their own styles and personality.


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