May 2, 2013

House Rules


1. This blog is acting independently from national or international football federations or referee associations and is thus able to offer a neutral perspective on the world of football refereeing.
The articles' contents published on the blog are written to the best of my belief, as well as our referee observation reports are written to the best of our belief and knowledge, too.


2. Everybody, who visits the blog, is welcome. Feel free to add comments underneath the articles and posts to share your view on referees, their performances and debates etc. The dynamic of this blog depends on your participation in form of comments.

3. Your comments have to be written in English. Comments in different languages will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

4. This blog is the wrong place to verbally insult referees in an abusive manner for a general purpose or after matches, i.e. after their performances, and to raise conspiracy theories without evidence and good knowledge.

5. This blog is the wrong place to verbally insult its members, guests or visitors in an abusive manner.

6. Anonymous comments are possible, but not appreciated. You should deploy your name or a fictive name such as an alias to be able to comment here. By doing that, you ensure that your comments' contents are accountable and assignable.


6. Comments that disregard the conditions exposed in 3. and 4. will be deleted as soon as possible.

7.1 This blog's author and administrator does not assume responsibility for this sort of comments and thus cannot be indicted for them. All the comments that are released on this blog are subject to the responsibility of those who wrote and posted them.

7.2 In extreme cases, such as heavy verbal insults, further steps are to be considered.
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